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CD Duplication for the copying of your audio CD’s is carried out in house, this allows for a quick turnaround when necessary. For disc runs greater than 100 we use high quality replication houses where your discs are machine stamped instead of being copied disc to disc. This is the most economical option when large numbers are required. Both methods allow for full colour printing of the disc and cover, with a wide choice of packaging options.

Voice-over Artists will ensure your dialogue is delivered in a professional manner. Many people under estimate the skills of a good voice-over artist, as well as a good voice - clarity, articulation, correct breathing, timing and good mic technique are essential. We have a large network of professional voices in all languages, from known and recognisable voices to fresh ‘upcoming’ talent. We always provide samples allowing you to choose the most suitable voice for your products and services.

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Music & Audio is often overlooked in video productions - letting down an otherwise good video. We are very passionate about music and audio - we believe it is the essential ‘icing’ on any good ‘cake’. Being writers as well as previous performers we love elevating our productions with great quality music and voices. Having keen ears and the rudiments of rhythm we can guarantee you will benefit from our audio services for your DVD, advertising, web film or live event.

Royalty-free music is the most affordable way to add music to your video or presentation. It is essential when using music in the public domain that you have the correct permissions. Being free of royalty payments means that after your initial purchase there are no further license fees for playing the music. Many people have attempted to use licensed music without the correct permissions, which usually results in legal disputes. With clever software now used on YouTube™ and other video portals, unlicensed music can be easily detected. We only use the best royalty-free music, performed and recorded to high standards.

Original composition of music is the best way to ensure originality and impact.  Although we never use the same royalty-free music twice, this does not guarantee you will not hear it elsewhere. If this is unacceptable then original composition is the solution. We compose and master in-house as well as using our own network of writers and musicians of all styles and genres.

Idents, stings and jingles are the way to make your adverts, presentations, motion graphics and radio shows really stand out - creating impact and identity. Although by nature they are short, we do not compromise on quality, providing professional sounds to compliment your image and branding.

Dolby™ Mastering is a fine art and when done correctly can add extra dimension and impact to video and motion graphics. With surround sound technology now in most home devices, Dolby sound is a great way to bring your audio tracks ‘alive’. By using dedicated programs to design surround sound we ensure the correct balance of natural sound creation and illusion.

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