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DVD Authoring is the process of creating a DVD that is capable of playing on DVD players. We ensure all our DVD’s are easy to use and offer the viewer an enriching experience with attractive menus and interactive elements. This allows your content to be presented in an engaging and simple style, making it easy for the viewer to access individual chapters as well as using the various features of the DVD format. These features include motion menus with music, subtitles, multiple language tracks, commentary options, looping presentations, audio format selection, web and email links as well as copy protection.

Memory Sticks or USB Flash Drives are now an economical and novel alternative to optical discs. They are small and durable and can contain massive amounts of data. Each one can be laser printed with your company logo and text, with a wide choice of colours and designs available.

DVD is an acronym for Digital Versatile Disc and since it’s introduction in 1998 it certainly has proved to be versatile, providing a superb medium for video, audio, photographs and data. Yin Yang Studios has over 7 years experience of providing quality DVDs to our clients for many different uses. We offer a complete service from concept to delivery, taking care of DVD Authoring (see below), cover, inlay and disc design, eye-catching packaging, multiple language options, DVD-Rom content as well as distribution.

Due to it’s worldwide acceptance and now very low production costs, DVD is an excellent way to communicate your products or services. For our latest prices and further information please contact us.

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Digital Brochures and Digital Catalogues are becoming the best replacement for traditional paper formats. Paper printing is now an expensive option compared to DVD due to lower print runs at affordable prices as well as lower mailing costs. DVD can hold video, photo slideshows, interactive maps, PDF price-lists, animated presentations and more, making it easy to compile all your information in multiple languages on one disc that is easy to pocket at exhibitions.

DVD Design & Packaging is where you make your first impression. We design all our discs and packaging to reflect your company image and message. There are many different packaging options available allowing you the choice of unique and fun styles or economical yet stylish designs.

Duplication & Replication are the two options for DVD copying. For small disc runs we offer Duplication in house, this allows for very quick turnaround when necessary. For disc runs greater than 100 we use high quality Replication houses where your discs are machine stamped instead of being copied disc to disc. This is the most economical option when large numbers are required.

Blu-Ray Disc is the latest development in digital disc technology. With Blu-Ray Discs we can now offer full HD delivery as well as greater capacities of up to 50GB. The battle is now over between Blu-Ray and HD- DVD, leaving Blu-Ray as the best delivery format for HD content. As more Blu-Ray players are sold Blu-Ray discs will eventually be the format of choice for the highest quality of viewing.

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